The Different Types of Ear Piercing and Their Names

Ear piercings are an old tradition that’s dating from the ancient times. People from all around the world made this traditional way of piercings. From the Ancient Maya to the Ancient Egyptians and even ear piercings can be seen on the old Hindu gods. It’s an old tradition and we are glad that people are still performing this amazing ritual. And by time people are getting more creative for the places that are being pierced.

ear piercings chart

Here on the ear piercings chart you can see which are the different types of ear piercings, their placement and their names.

Lobe Piercing

There are many styles of ear piercing but one of the most traditional ear piercings is the lobe piercing. The lobe piercing is a traditional piercing performed on the lobe of the ear, which is the least painful piercing ever performed on the ear. But people want to be more creative and many are going for the cartilage piercing.

Transverse Lobe Piercing

When we mentioned that people are getting very creative when it comes to piercing a typical example is the transverse lobe piercing. The old classical lobe piercing got a new twist. The transverse lobe piercing is above the lobe piercing on the edge of the ear.

The procedure to get a transverse lobe piercing is a bit complicated because the barbell has to go horizontally through the earlobe. It looks a little bit strange because the whole barbell has to go from one end to the other horizontally but you will surely have one of the coolest looking lobe piercings.

Snug Piercing

One of the trendiest piercings to get in 2018 is the snug piercing, which a perforation is done in the snug area of the cartilage. If you want to be a little bit trendy and don’t know what to get in 2018 go for the snug.

Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing (1)One of the coolest looking piercing is the rook piercing, or maybe you like the helix more, either way, any piercing will look good on you if you really want it. If you look something more similar to the snug piercing but don’t like the location of the snug piercing you should definitely go for the rook piercing. It’s vertically oriented and found just above the tragus area of the ear.

Industrial Piercing

The industrial piercing is the most in-demand piercings ever because it connects two holes with one bar. It looks amazing on anyone and it will always be in fashion.

Conch Piercing

The conch piercing is a piercing that usually goes great if you have a ring like piercing, or if you like that ring style piercing. You can go for a single stud piecing in the inner conch but people usually like to connect the inner conch with a ring-like piercing.

Tragus Piercing

tragus piercing

Now the tragus piercing is a piercing very typical for people that like something more interesting to get. But the problem with the tragus piercing is that it takes a long time to heal and the position can be a bit of a problem for someone that loves to listen to music. The area is right where the ear is holding on your earphones.

Anti-Tragus piercing

anti tragus piercing 4
If you want a tragus piercing that is not located where the typical tragus piercing is done go for the anti-tragus piercing. It’s a piercing that is performed just above the lobe piercing. The tragus and anti-tragus piercing share the same characteristics when it comes to the healing time and the pain factor.

Daith Piercing

daith piercingOne of the most useful piercings and most sought after by people that have a migraine and anxiety problems is the daith piercing. This piercing not only looks good but it actually has some kind of healing effects on the person. There is no scientifically proven research done that the daith piercing can help you with your migraine and anxiety problems but many people that suffered from anxiety and migraine after getting pierced in the daith area had fewer problems with their migraine. And there are numerous online blogs that are actually saying that after being daith pierced people had fewer migraine problems. This has to do with the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture.

Helix Piercing

helix piercingOne of the least painful cartilage piercing is the helix piercing. Many people love this piercing because the position looks very cute when you are having some nice design of piercing. It’s located in the upper ear of the cartilage, and it’s nearly painless because there are no nerve endings in that area. Great piercing if you want to have your first cartilage piercing.

Forward Helix Piercing

forward helix

If you are looking for something in the helix area and that is similar to the helix piercing than having the forward helix piercing is the way to go. This cute piercing is located a little bit lower than the typical helix piercing and you can even get three types of jewelry pierced in that area. If you like the double or triple forward piercing you can have it. This area offers people the possibility to actually be more creative with your piercing.

Orbital Piercing

orbital piercing
Linking two piercings with a single jewelry is called the orbital piercing. The area that is very popular for this type of piercing is the helix or the anti-helix. It’s a popular piercing with people that like the ring style jewelry.

Auricle Piercing

This nice looking piercing is done in the cartilage area right between the earlobe and the helix. It’s a nice looking piercing and you can pair it with another earlobe piercing. It’s something that every teenage girl dreams. Having many different designs of jewelry the auricle piercing is one that will surely make you feel great about your new piercing.

Dermal Piercing

dermal ear piercing
If you have seen someone that has one single piercing that has no end at the back you are actually looking at a dermal piercing. Any single-point piercing that is held by a dermal anchor is called dermal piercing. The typical place for a dermal piercing on the ear is near the tragus area of the ear. It looks great and you can actually wear some fancy looking jewelry.

What Is The Standard Procedure?

The standard procedure that everyone needs to go through when piercing their ears is the following.

First, you need to know that you want a piercing at all. When you are sure that you want a piercing look at the many possible ear piercings that are in this text. After you found out your favorite type you need to go to a professional piercing parlor to have your new piercing.

If you are not sure about where to get pierced just ask people around or try to google the piercing studios around your area. Always remember that it’s better to go to a piercer that is a more expensive, but a professional with many years of experience than to go somewhere where you might get a nasty infection.

Another thing to look out in a piercing parlor is how clean they are. The number one infection that you can get is if the piercer uses a needle that was used on someone before you. The worst thing that it can happen is getting AIDS from a needle.

After you found your piercing parlor enter inside and talk about your piercing and what you want to get. The experienced piercer will walk you through the whole process of piercing and he/she will tell you all about the pain factor, risks of infections, jewelry styles, healing time and anything that you can think about you need to ask them. An experienced piercer will know the answer to the question.

First, the piercer will mark the area that you will get pierced, and he/she will ask you if you like that position or not. This is your final chance to ask for a place because after the piercing there is no going back.

After the marking, some piercers like to sterilize the whole equipment in front of you, but if you know that the piercing studio is clean they don’t have to do that, you will have to trust them.

The whole piercing process takes around 5-10 seconds total, without the cleaning after the piercing is done. Nothing to worry about the usual problems occurs after the whole piercing procedure, depending on the person. If you are a person that listens to the advice given by the piercer you will have no problem.

What Are The Risks Of Getting An Ear Pierced?

The usual risks that people are facing while getting an ear pierced are that you might catch some infection. The worst that could happen is getting AIDS from an unclean needle. But this happens to people that usually are pierced by someone that is not even a licensed piercer. Bacterial infections can be caught if the piercer is not using a clean needle also which can result in a nasty infection.

Redness is the first risk that people face after getting pierced. The area is usually getting red and it will relax with time. But if you are having a red ear for more than two weeks than you should consult your piercer to see what might be the problem. Another risk is getting an infection from not cleaning your piercing regularly.

There are some infections that even have to be treated with antibiotics. There are many nasty infections that can be caught if you are not being careful with your new piercing.

People usually get abscess which actually happens when pus becomes trapped under the skin. It can look very bad and in order to treat it, people are usually getting antibiotics prescribed. Sometimes people are getting a surgery done.

While the risks can be because of lack of care from you or the piercer the most usual risk is an allergic reaction from the body. You should definitely know if your body is allergic to certain materials that the piercing is done. Many people are going for gold or silver sterling just because of allergic reactions. But you should know if you are allergic to certain materials and choose your piercings carefully.

How To Care For An Infected Ear At Home?

So now that you know that you have an infected ear and you are sure there is nothing to worry about you will need to somehow stop the infection.

The typical infected ear looks like a pus which is yellowish, your area of the pierce might be swelling, having a red ear more than the usual time that your piercer told you which is more than two weeks and if it looks worst you should consult your piercer to see what’s the problem.

The most usual way to care for an infected ear is to use the saline solution more than two times per day. And the saline solution is ¼ of a teaspoon of sea salt that is doused in one cup of hot water. One cup of water is 8 oz or 250ml. Stir the sea salt until it dissolves and after that use cotton balls to clean the area where the piercing is. Use this solution more than two times per day and you might solve your problem with the infected ear.

If this does not have any effect on the ear within two days and you are starting to have a fever you should consult your doctor. Sometimes you will need to have antibiotics in order for the infection to be gone.

Pain Factor Of Piercings

When it comes to pain which is the obvious question that everyone is asking, ear piercing is not that painful. It actually depends from person to person because there are people that have no problem with the industrial piercing, but for instance can’t take on the daith piercing.

So the least painful piercing is the lobe piercing. If you are a person that can’t stand pain the lobe piercing is for you. If the pain is no problem than the industrial piercing which is considered to be the most painful piercing will be the choice for you.

Any cartilage piercing is actually painful without an exception, so having an industrial piercing is actually the most painful piercing because the needle has to make two holes for the bar to be connected.

But for instance, the daith piercing is not that painful for a cartilage piercing. And the helix piercing is nothing to be compared to other cartilage piercings.

The tragus piercing does hurt a little bit more than the helix piercing because the place has thicker cartilage. But this depends from person to person. Some people have a thinner cartilage in this part and they have no problem with the tragus piercing.

Now the rook piercing is one of the most painful piercings and a piercing that needs to be taken care of for more than 7 months. It heals for around 10 months and many people are thinking twice before getting this piercing done.

While the rook piercing has a healing time of around 10 months for people it’s less painful than the snug piercing. That’s like that because the snug is going through a thicker area of the cartilage and it needs to go through both inner and outer ear.

The cutest piercing of all which is the conch is the second most painful piercing because it goes through a thick layer of cartilage. But the greatest part of all is that the pain goes away very quickly. And also since it is a cartilage piercing the healing time is somewhere between 3 to 9 months.

What Is It Like To Get A Piercing?

The greatest feeling that you will ever have is when your piercing fully heals. Yes, the process of healing it and cleaning it every single day for the next 6 months is terrible but after that period you will feel that you have made the greatest decision ever.

Many people while are getting the piercing are having second doubts about it but after the healing period, they are not feeling any regret. Yes, sometimes when the piercing is infected you are having second doubts about it but nothing looks greater than a fully healed piercing.

You only need to follow the instructions and tips we gave you in this article and if you have some other questions, be sure to read the guides we prepared for every specific type of ear piercing.

When you are more than sure that you want a certain type of piercing on your ear you will take care of it as it is your dearest present that you have ever received. Taking care of the piercing is the difficult part and the healing process can be a bit long but not to worry in the end it’s all worth it.

If you have doubts about getting pierced the best thing to do is to consult with people and realize if this is for you or you will have to pass it out. No one wants to get pierced and to regret it afterward. But those who are without a doubt sure that they want a piercing will feel great with their new piercing on their ear.

What Are The Prices?

The prices of the different ear piercing styles differ from the location of the parlor, the experience of the piercer, how established the piercing parlor is and the jewelry.

Expect to pay from $15 up to $100 for the piercing and the jewelry. Of course, some jewelry cost more if they are made out of gold but the most expensive procedure that you will pay is around $100.

When you are considering getting a piercing done sometimes it’s better to pay extra if the piercing parlor is an established one and you are sure that the piercer has a lot of experience. Paying more means less pain, keep this in mind.

Having a piercing done is one of the greatest things that you can do, and many young girls are doing this procedure to mark a certain part of their life. Some people just love getting pierced and are having more than one piercing done on their ear. And there are some that actually are getting pierced because of certain health issues that they are having, like getting the daith piercing done.

No matter the case getting pierced will sure make you happier, and changing the design will make you want to get another piercing done for sure.