Conch Piercing – 101 Final Guide

The chances to see conch piercing is high. You have probably seen it a million times but you had no idea how is it called and how people are doing it. And you have probably thought “It has to be painful”.

Well in this article we will try to explain you everything about conch piercing, and you will have your answer to “Is it painful?” question.

Where is it located?

People are using the name conch piercing because of the section of the ear. It’s called conch because it resembles a shell. And conch is a term for a large shell. A conch piercing is a type of cartilage piercing, and some people don’t like to get pierced in this part of the ear, but nevertheless, many people love to be conch pierced.

Inner Conch vs Outer Conch Piercing

There are two parts to be pierced, the lower part which is called the inner conch, and the upper part which is known as the outer conch.

Inner Conch – Outer Conch

The procedure explained

The procedure in order to get pierced is typical and it’s the same as the other parts of the ear. You first will have to talk to the piercer about their dedication to hygiene and safety. First, they will have to clean your ear to prevent getting a preventable infection.

After that, the piercer will mark the area by using a pen or a surgical marker, so that they know where to place your piercing. Having it in the wrong place it can alter the look of your conch piercing.

After the needle goes through, the piercer will insert the jewellery. The process is fast and you will end up with a piercing in a couple of minutes.

How Bad Does it Hurt?

The level of pain depends from person to person. It actually depends on the method which you’re using to get the conch pierced.

If the piercer uses a needle, the pain is bearable. The pain is the same as a helix piercing, and it will hurt a little more than getting your earlobe pierced. On a scale from 1-10 the conch piercing pain is something about 2.

If you consider getting a bigger hole so that you can wear larger gauge jewelry, you should consider getting a dermal punch. Wearing bigger gauges is not a great idea, but if you consider it, a dermal punch will do the trick.

Getting a dermal punch will make a bigger hole than a normal needle would. People that had a dermal punch say that the pain is bigger, which is normal because a bigger hole is punched and the piercer is actually removing a round area of tissue and cartilage. And the whole from a dermal punch is permanent. It will not close if you stop wearing jewelry.

But, whatever is your choice be it a dermal punch or a conch piercing with a needle, don’t see the pain behind it, see the beautiful piercing you can have in your ear. And there are many great designs that you can wear on your ear.

In case you can’t stand pain, but at the same time you can’t resist this type of piercing, you should try the fake conch piercing.

Here are some nice ideas for you.

How To Care For It?

Before getting the conch piercing it is a good practice to have all of the aftercare items. And writing everything that your piercer will tell you to do is also a great practice. Because you don’t want to have a nasty infection. In order to be prepared, grab some sea salt, Q-tips and cotton balls. If you do the dermal punch grabbing some gauze will be nice in case it bleeds a lot in the first one or two days.

In order to care for your conch piercing, talk to your piercer about the specific procedure that you will make in order to heal faster. A simple solution is plain old sea salt in order to cleanse your conch piercing and help it heal faster. This is a really easy solution to make.

Grab one cup of really hot water and add one-fourth of a teaspoon of sea salt. Stir it until the salt has dissolved. And after that place your ear inside of the bowl in order for your piercing to be inside of the water, and wait for 7-10 minutes.

Watch the video from below for more information.

Best practices to follow in order for your piercing to heal correctly and fast are these.

1. Avoid any activities that may cause your new piercing to become dirty or irritated. It basically means to not wear tight hats, or over-the-ear headphones for a few weeks.

2. I know that you want to play with it and touch it but don’t. Because your hands contain billions of germs and bacteria and that could lead to infections if you are not careful. If you must touch the area for some reason, wash your hands thoroughly first.

3. Don’t let the piercing come into contact with any harsh skincare products or shampoos. These products can irritate and inflame the area, causing redness, swelling, and delays in healing. This does not mean not to take a shower for a couple of weeks, it means to be careful while showering or use a head cover while showering. And if you want to clean your hair wash it carefully.

4. Continue your aftercare routing for at least 4-6 weeks. While your piercing might look healed the hidden inner area always heals slower than the visible part.

5. And the last advice and the best advice is to ask your piercer when it’s okay to remove/change your new piercing jewelry.

6. Sleep on a trvavel pillow.

Also, sleeping with a conch piercing is not a good idea since it can prevent the ear from healing faster. Before bed remove the conch pierce and clean it as specified by the piercer.

How To Clean It?

Clean the new ear piercing twice a day. If you don’t want to do what the video above told you so probably your piercer will give you this advice. Do the cleaning gently by rubbing a warm salt water solution around the area using a cotton swab, and drying afterward using a clean paper towel.

How Much Time It Takes to Heal?

The conch piercing heals in three to nine months. But if you don’t follow the aftercare tips, then you may prolong the healing. That’s why you should be very careful.

What’s the price?

The conch piercing will cost you something around $40 to $50, the price mostly depends of the jewelry type and the experience of the parlor.

Wrapping It Up

Before considering on getting any type of piercing research about the piercing method, how is it done, is it painful and the best advice that anyone can give you is to follow the aftercare advice that the piercer can give you.

Do you want to know which celebrity got a conch piercing? Here is a gallery of several celebrities with this awesome conch piercings. Take a look.