The Trendy Daith Piercing and Migraines

There are more than 38 million people affected with migraine in the US alone. A cure for this disease is nearly impossible to find, and yet some people are getting pierced to lessen their migraine problems.

Moreover, daith piercing is considered as somehow helpful if you have migraines or even if you suffer from anxiety.

What is a Daith Piercing?

Daith piercing is a type of ear piercing that is made in the innermost part of the helix in the ear. It’s just above the Tragus, and it’s part of the cartilage piercing.

So expect to experience pain, but many people that have heard that daith piercing helps with migraine don’t even think about the pain.

Daith Piercings and Migraines

Many people present on the social networks write about how their piercing in the daith part of the ear helped them lessen their migraines. Even one of the most authoritative websites wrote about how daith piercing is helping people to lower the migraine attacks. But, there is no scientific research done that says it can lower them.

However, it has to do something with the ancient medical art of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an old Chinese complementary medicine that helps patients in treating specific health problems by inserting needles in specific areas on your body.

It is considered to help because many nerves in the daith area are connected with that part of the brain that causes migraines. And if you pierce that place, it can reduce the pain and even the attacks.

Migraine Buddy surveyed people who suffer from migraines and who pierced their daith section  of the ear to lessen the headaches. Here is what they found.

daith piercing migraine experiences survey

Is Daith Piercing Helpful for Anxiety?

There is no scientifically proven record that daith piercing helps people with their anxiety problems but some people say that it helped them with both anxiety and migraine problems.

So, yes it depends from person to person and how they feel, but doctors say that it is more of a placebo effect than a scientific possibility to help people with anxiety.

However, even if it doesn’t help you with your anxiety, we strongly encourage you to get it.

Look at the picture. 🙂 Isn’t it gorgeous?

heart daith piercingDoes the daith piercing hurt?

The answer to this question is unfortunately yes. Also, it hurts more than a standard lobe piercing or any other piercing. It hurts because the needle goes at least twice through the area, and the pain factor is high.

The daith piercing is considered as one of the most painful piercings done. But, that shouldn’t stop you because of the three things listed below.

  1. You will be cool looking,
  2. It will probably help you with your migraine problems, 
  3. Look at number 1.

How to care for your daith piercing?

Like every other piercing done, you should clean your ear with sea salt water twice a day. Moreover, it will benefit you a lot. First you will have a smaller risk of having any nasty infection, and second, your piercing will heal faster.

Here is a video that explains how to clean your daith piercing the right way. 🙂

To create the sea salt solution first, you need to have a cup of hot water. Grab sea salt and a spoon. All you need is to pour one-fourth of the sea salt in the cup of lukewarm water and stir it until the sea salt dissolves in the water.

Remember, before doing anything to the piercing clean your hands thoroughly. Use antibacterial soaps and clean towels.

After you washed your hands, get a cotton ball, soak the area around the pierce with the sea salt solution and use new fresh cotton balls whenever they get too dry. You don’t want any cotton trapped in your piercing, that’s why you should be careful with the Q-tips.

Don’t use any other product that you think it can help you heal faster. Always remember when you need to buy something first consult your piercer about the product and how to use it, and if the piercer tells you that buying it in the pharmacy is safer, buy it there.

Don’t let your piercing get in touch with any hair product as it can create an infection.

How much does it cost?

The daith piercing price is something around $50-$100. It depends on the piercers experience and how popular the studio is. The area of the piercing studio also has an impact on the price.

If you don’t want to get infection or anything that can cause some problems, we encourage you to go to a professional.

It’s always better to pay more in the beginning than to have problems later. Ask around for an experienced piercer and get your daith piercing.


People have always wanted to get a cool piercing, and those who suffer from anxiety and migraine will love to get daith pierced. Even if you don’t suffer from a migraine or anxiety having this cool looking piercing done will be one of the most significant decisions you have ever made.