The Best Guide to Helix Piercing You’ll Ever Read + 56 Ideas

People love to be pierced. But some of them love to get it on the upper part of the ear. Not on their lip or their stomach.

Getting pierced on the upper part of the ear is called Helix Piercing.

What Is a Helix Piercing?

Helix Piercing is when you get yourself pierced on the cartilage of the outer upper ear. People love to get pierced on this place because it looks more subtle, and it helps if your job is against too many piercings. Ladies love to get pierced here because it gives them a nice detail on the ear.

Helix Piercing Types

There is a couple of helix piercing types to consider. Actually, anything that is on the upper cartilage of the ear is considered a helix piercing.

Standard helix piercing

Standard Helix Piercing
The standard one is made in the outer upper cartilage.

Double helix piercing

It is called double because you have two piercings in the same spot.

Triple helix

triple helix piercing

The same as the double one, this kind of piercing is called triple because of the three piercings placed in the same spot.

Forward Helix Piercing

forward helix piercing

This type of piercing is done lower than the standard in an area called the root of the helix.

Helix Piercing Process – How is it done?

Before getting the helix piercing, your piercer will ask you where you want to get it. You can get the piercing at the top of your ear or down a bit. At the top of the ear, there is usually a lot of cartilage. Usually before getting pierced the piercer will have to mark the place in order for you to see if that is the right place you want to get it. When you choose the place to get pierced the process will begin.

The first thing the piercer will do is disinfecting the place where you will get pierced. In order to make a hole, the piercer will use a thin hollow needle. When the needle goes through the jewelry will be placed and the procedure is finished. When the piercing procedure is done, you will be given specific instructions to follow in order for the place to heal.

How Much Does a Helix Piercing Hurt?

Everyone before getting pierced is afraid of the pain.

Helix Piercing is not painful at all, because there is a lot of cartilage in that area of the ear.

Plus there are not many nerve endings as there would be on your regular skin. That’s what makes helix piercing not painful.

The best practice before getting pierced is actually to be familiar with the procedure, and not to freak out about it. Nothing is painful if you don’t over think about pain all the time. The procedure is only a couple of minutes long and the pain is actually only a couple of seconds while the piercer is making the hole.

Helix Piercing Aftercare Tips

The aftercare for helix piercings is the same as all other types of piercings. Keep the area around the jewelry clean and that will help you to avoid getting an infection. Use saline solution and a cotton bud to clean the area. Wash your hands properly before cleaning the area and avoid touching the piercing while it’s in the healing process.

How to Clean your Helix Piercing properly?

You should clean the fresh wound several hours after it is pierced, and usually before going to bed at night. Just follow the simple instructions that the piercer will give you on how to clean it. Use the piercing liquid that you will be given personally by the piercer and don’t use any other form of piercing cream, peroxide or anything else that was not personally given to you and prescribed by the piercer.

Special cleaners are usually sold by the studios. Many of the cleaners consist of saline with tea tree oil. You should clean the piercing two times per day and leave it alone as much as possible.

What are the Usual Symptoms of an Infected Helix Piercing?

Most of the times when people get pierced nothing serious happen. But sometimes you can get an infection from the simplest things. But sometimes we can’t know what is wrong and we might think that redness means infection. But also that might mean that it’s a normal side effect of a helix piercing. There are some signs to help you determine what is going on with your piercing and also we will help you to know what you should do about it.

Having Redness

Having redness is normal when you have your ear pierced, but also if your ear is getting red that means that something is wrong. First, you must consider if you have snagged your ear with the clothing you are wearing. While dressing up watch out for the piercing because that may cause some redness. Also if the redness doesn’t go away in a week or more, that can mean that there is some infection going on.


By monitoring the swelling of your piercing you can determine if something concerning is happening.

Some swelling is to be expected in the first couple of days. If the swelling continues and escalates though, you may want a doctor to take a look at your ear, especially if it is accompanied by a hot feeling skin.

Pus Production

If your pus continues to seep from your piercing more than one week, you should keep an eye on things to make sure there is no infection present.

If you notice the pus has changed color or smells foul, consider going to the doctor so that he can determine the best course of action.


If you end up with a fever after being pierced you need to go to your doctor as soon as possible. He will examine you and your ear and prescribe some antibiotics to drink in order for the fever and possible infection to be gone. Drink every pill that the doctor prescribes you until the given time. Even if it looks that it is healed if you still need to drink the antibiotic don’t stop because you might run into a bigger problem.

How to Take Out a Helix Piercing?

In order to take out the piercing, you should first consult with your piercer. But usually, it’s very simple. Hold the bar with one hand and use the other hand in order to unscrew the ball of the piercing. Different designs have different mechanisms to unscrew but usually, it’s a ball that needs to be unscrewed. Remember turning right will tighten the pierce and screwing to the left it will loosen it up. And as soon as you loosen it you can remove it gently from your ear.

Helix Piercing Price – How much will you pay?

The typical cost of a Helix Piercing is from 20$ to 55$. Every piercer has their own price. But this is the typical price you will have to pay for getting your ear pierced.

Helix Piercing Jewellery – Ideas and Inspiration

There are many types of jewelry that can be used as a piercing. The typical jewelry type for piercings includes captive bead rings. You can have silver or a gold piercing. Some people like to use hoops for a helix piercing, also studs, bars or anything that you can think of. You can have one bar connected to each end of the helix. Industrial piercing is also very stylish.

When you pick your piercing choose it carefully because it’s going to stay for weeks until the piercing heals. Also watch out if you are allergic to the metal, if you are maybe something that is made out of gold would be nice. Check Etsy or your local jewelry shop for some interesting designs or ask your piercer for something special in order to stand out from the crowd. Another great source for inspiration is Pinterest.

Here are the 56 ideas we picked for you. We hope that after seeing them you will be inspired and ready to get your new piercing.

Tell us in the comments which one you like the most.