Industrial Piercing 101 – Everything You Need To Know

Would you go for an Industrial Piercing if you have never gotten a piercing in your life?

Many people would say “Yes” because it’s a piercing done to connect two cartilage piercings.

Even though cartilage piercing can hurt a bit more than your normal earlobe piercing, the industrial looks cool from the very first time you see it.

This guide covers the following topics:

So, what the heck is industrial piercing?

It’s quite simple. It is the method of connecting two cartilage piercings with a single bar. It might sound a little bit technical but there is nothing to worry about. It’s a simple cartilage piercing but only done with two perforations.

What are the different types?

There are two different styles of industrial piercing. You can get the horizontal one or the vertical one, the choice is yours.

  • Horizontal Industrial Piercing

Horizontal Industrial Piercing

  • Vertical Industrial Piercing

Vertical Industrial Piercing
Most of the people choose the horizontal one because of many reasons. But the most common reason is that it doesn’t hurt that much as the vertical one, and other reason is that they like how it looks on the ear.

How much it hurts?

The pain factor is the same as the normal cartilage piercing. Well, let’s double the pain because you will need two holes, not one.

But if your first perforation hurts, you can always get the second later when the first one heals off.

And when you get your first one you can use it as a helix piercing and later when the second one is finished connect it with a single cool looking bar and you have an industrial piercing done.

If you want to have your two holes done at the same time, we strongly encourage you to search for a reputable piercing studio in your city so that you won’t feel the pain that much. A professional will always help you along the way as he/she will start from the very beginning into talking to you first about how he/she will perform the procedure.

And always remember that the pain is not a big problem if you have a positive mindset about the piercing and you focus more on the final outcome, not on the whole procedure.

The procedure is simple, the piercer will first mark the place with a marker so that you will have some idea about how it will look and he/she will show you the place of where the hook will be, usually, they also draw a line of where the bar will be.

After that using a needle he/she will make the first hole and replace the hole will be the bar that you chose to have. Before you know it the piercing will be done.

If you choose to have just one perforation done and then the other one, you can always choose a piercing that will be a good fit for the first helix piercing.

How much time it takes to heal?

The healing process of the industrial is different for everyone. Some take one to two months and there are some that usually are healed in around three to five months. It really depends on how you take care of the piercing and of course it depends on your own body.

As long as you take notes of the aftercare process from the piercer you will get healed in no time. But remember that industrial piercings take time to heal. And remember not to remove the bar if it looks like healed. You’d better speak with the piercer when you can remove the bar and change the piercing that you have.

How to take aftercare?

A common practice for all piercing styles is always clean your hands before you touch your piercing if you have to. And remember only touch it if you need to wash it as described by your piercer.

The standard way to clean around the ear is with sea salt water, in order to keep the place out of bacteria. And use a clean towel in order to dry the place that you just washed. Try to stay away from hair products and cosmetics. They can irritate the place and you will probably get an infection.

Many people believe that other solutions might help them heal the place faster but that can only slow the process of healing. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide because it does not work as it is described that it does. Follow the advice you will get from the piercer and the standard saltwater solution.

How to deal with an infection?

Even if you properly care for your piercing, you can still get an infection sometimes. No, we don’t want to scare you, but you should be aware of the signs.

If you somehow get an infection go to your piercer if you believe that it is something bad. There might be a small infection and the piercer will know it. But people also get nasty infections that the piercer will probably tell you to go to your doctor to prescribe you some antibiotics if the infection is bad.

How much it costs?

The price for the industrial piercing varies much from one piercing studio to the next. It depends on the piercers experience a lot. And we recommend you to get your industrial piercing done at a professional because he/she knows how to treat you well and the piercing studio will be clean.

Always remember to ask around about the piercing studio or if you don’t know where to go just search on the internet for the best review.

The price tag is usually from 40$ to 70$ it depends on the piercing studio as we mentioned above. But paying a bit more shouldn’t be a problem for you if the piercer is an established professional. 


You will never regret having an industrial piercing done, and the designs are amazing. There are many cool looking designs that you can get. Check with your piercer if he/she has something interesting to show you.

You can get any design that you want starting from a design that looks like a snake, to something looking more glamorous like a gold bar or even silver. And there are even designs that have real diamonds in the bar. Creative people will never stop designing perfect designs for industrial piercings.

Feel free to inspire yourself with the jewelry ideas we picked for you. 🙂

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