Lobe Piercing: The Best Guide You’ll Ever Read + 53 Ideas

Earlobe or simply lobe piercings are one of the oldest and most common piercings in the world. When you say “I’m getting pierced” people would refer to this kind of piercing. Since it is one of the most common places to get pierced. And many people be that man or women are getting a lobe piercing from the very first time they get pierced.

Here is what we cover in this guide:

But, what is lobe piercing you might ask?

Lobe piercing is piercing done on the earlobe of the ear. It’s the most common way to get pierced because it has been performed a long time ago. Actually, it is older than the current Europe and USA we know today.

There are many paintings and carvings on the walls that have people with this kind of piercing on them. They date from the Minoan Civilization which was 2000-1600 BCE. Lobe Piercings were even performed in ancient Persia. But the modern ones nowadays were worn by pirates that sailed the sea a long time ago.

The most recent history we know about is from the late 50’s and 60’s when a large population started wearing lobe piercings. In the 50’s and 60’s as it started to become a trend, there were not that many piercing parlors available so many people had their first piercings done at home, however, we do not encourage you to do that by yourself; it’s better to go to a professional piercer.

How much does it hurt on a scale from 1-10?

The greatest part of lobe piercing is that even though it’s the most common piercing style people are using, it’s also one of the least painful parts of the ear. Even small children are having them at very young age.

There is no piercing done without a little bit of pain, and earlobe piercing is one of them, but on a scale from 1-10 the lobe piercing pain is around 3. So don’t be afraid and go get lobe pierced.

What are the different types of lobe piercing?

An interesting fact about this kind of piercing is that you can get a:

  • Second.
  • Third.
  • Upper or,
  • Transverse Lobe.

Think about all the different styles you can get on your earlobe. Having not just one but two or even three pieces of piercing on your earlobe.

How is it done? The whole procedure explained.

The procedure to follow for getting lobe pierced is the same as it is for all other piercing styles. We encourage you to get pierced at a professional since they will make it less painful. And remember that the pain factor is considered less painful if you have a positive mindset about your piercing. Just think about how beautiful your pierce will be and forget about the pain. It will help you a lot.

Before getting pierced the piercer will mark the place you want to get pierced with a marker, and after that he/she will walk you through the whole process.

After that, the piercer can do the piercing with a needle or a piercing gun. Some people don’t want to get a piercing done with a piercing gun and many that have done it didn’t like that, so it’s better to talk to your piercer about how you want to get pierced.

If you chose a needle the piercer will have to use a new sterile needle so that you won’t catch any infection. And nearly all of the piercers are using new sterile piercing needles. Cleaning the area around the earlobe before getting pierced is a must. After cleaning the area he/she will make the hole.

When he/she makes the hole they will screw the piercing that you chose before that. There are many interesting styles and many piercings to choose from. Before choosing the pierce keep in mind that you can be allergic to metallic objects and your ear might get an allergic symptom. It’s better to talk to your piercer about this if you know that you are allergic it’s better to choose something like gold or silver piercings.

Lobe Piercings aftercare advice and cleaning guide

The aftercare is the same as any piercing. First thing is to have clean hands before touching the ear or the piercing. After that clean the area around the ear of the piercing, and remove the piercing. The piercing should be thoroughly cleaned and also clean the place of the piercing.

Always remember to be clean while you are doing this procedure. The best advice can be given by the piercer himself/herself. Follow every instruction that they give you and you will never have a problem with any piercing that you will have.

How much time does it take for lobe piercing to heal?

The best part of this kind of piercing is that it heals very quickly. Consider having a healed ear in about 3-6 weeks. Some people actually have had their ear lobe piercing healed in 2 weeks.

If you follow the aftercare procedure as it was told to you, your ear will be healed in no time.

How much does it cost?

The lobe piercing price range is somewhere between 40$ to 60$ with the jewelry included in the price. It costs so little and you will end up with a piercing you will be happy about it.

Lobe piercings jewellery – ideas that are worth to try

Having your earlobe pierced is, as mentioned above, the most common piercing done on an ear. So the possibilities to find something interesting to use as jewelry is endless.

Just imagine that whatever you can think of can be put on your earlobe as a piercing. You can have the old “Pirate piercing style” which is a ring, or you can have a hook, or maybe if you are an adventurous type of a person getting a piercing with an airplane would do the trick.