Orbital Piercings 101 Guide + 53 Inspirational Images

Some people say that having one piercing is enough. Really, is it? 

Well, not for us.

So if you are like us, the authors of Dat Piercing,  you have multiple piercings, let’s say two, three or even four. And, you are never enough of them. Right? 

We guess this time you are getting an orbital piercing. Before you get it read our 101 guide that will prepare you completely and also inspire you with the best ideas that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.

Which piercings are called orbital and why?

Having two ear piercings connected to one single piece of jewelry is called orbital piercing. It’s something that people who love piercings but don’t want to make many holes in their ears fall in love with piercings.

It’s a type of a piercing done by people that love to be trendy and yet feel a bit rebel because you have two holes but one piercing. It’s called orbital because in order to be done you will need two perforations that need to be connected to one single ring jewelry.

lobe orbital piercinghelix orbital piercing

And you will get something looking like the orbit of our planet. And that’s why it’s called like that.

But, should you get an orbital piercing?

Definitely YES, if you want to look way cooler than your friends. And of course, if you want something a bit different but still that looks nice.

What are the different types?

There are two different styles of the lobe piercings. Check them out below:

  • Helix Orbital Piercing

Well, we are sure that you have already guessed that this style of orbital piercing is located at the helix part of the ear.

Have a look:

  • Lobe Orbital Piercing

These piercings are usually done on the earlobe. They are considered as less painful when compared to the previous type of orbital piercing.

Take a look:

lobe orbital piercing

  • Conch Orbital Piercing

Did you know that the orbital piercing can also be done at the conch part of the ear?

Here is how it looks:

conch orbital piercing

So, have you already decided where you are going to place your orbital piercing?? We can’t wait to hear from you. Tell us in the comments. 🙂

How much it hurts?

And the answer to this question is usually the same as it is for every kind of piercing. But considering that orbital piercings can be done on not just one location but three it really depends. If you do it in the earlobe part of the ear, the pain will be minimal, but doing it on the helix part of the ear it can be much more painful.

But, no worry if you go to a more experienced piercer he/she will prepare you for your piercing and it will be done before you know it. Going to a professional is the best thing that you can do because it will help you to feel less stress and the pain will be minimal.

How is it done? Complete procedure explained.

The procedure that the piercer will make is typical as it is for any other piercing done. But the best part of the orbital is that if you already have one hole you won’t have to make two holes again, you can use the hole in order to create the orbital piercing.

orbital piercing in the helix area

So, if you already have a helix piercing, you can just make another hole and connect it to your orbital piercing. And the perforation is made with a needle that is clean and sterile. In case the piercer gives you the option to pierce you with a gun, we recommend you not to accept, because it can stretch the hole.

Having a clean needle is mandatory in order to not have some kind of nasty infection.

The very first thing before starting the procedure is to clean the place around the area with the antibacterial solution. Having the place clean before doing the piercing is essential to not have any kind of bacteria inside or outside of the hole. And before you know it the piercing will be done.

When the hole is made the piercer will use the piercing that you chose in order to connect the two holes and you will end up with a very cool orbital piercing.

If you have never done any piercings and you are thinking to get an orbital one as your first experience just tell the piercer that you want to have first one perforation made and then you can come later when the place is healed and have your second hole made.

It’s no problem if you are not prepared to have two holes made for the very first time.

How much time it takes to heal?

In order to heal your piercing as soon as possible, you will have to follow the instructions that the piercer will give you. And the healing process can vary from the location that you are having your orbital piercing done.

If it is in the helix area of the ear where there is a lot of cartilage your orbital piercing will heal in around 3-4 months or even more.

It really depends on how you take care of it, where it is placed and it depends on your own organism as well. Some people say that their helix piercing is healed in two and a half months and there are some that say it took them more than four months.

But if your orbital piercing is around the earlobe area you will have a healed piercing in a couple of weeks.

What is most important is to carefully follow the guidelines of the piercer and you will have no problems at all.

How to clean it and take care after getting it?

Some of the aftercare tips that you can use are simple and refer to any kind of piercing that you will get. Cleaning your ear regularly is the key to having a healed piercing in no time. Since we are talking about having two perforations cleaning it three times per day is a must. And the method to clean it is usual for any piercing and that is warm saline water. Another thing to consider is to not touch your piercing if you don’t have to. Your hands have many harmful bacteria that you can get an infection if you are not careful enough.

When you clean your ear do not forget to use a clean dry towel in order to dry the pierced area. Gently handle the area because the wound of the piercing is very sensitive.

While the ear is recovering the best practice is to not remove or replace the jewelry. It may irritate the wound or even worst it can lead to horrible complications.

How much does it cost?

The price of getting an orbital piercing varies from 30$ up to 100$.

But before getting the piercing consider the option to go to a professional. This is very important if it is your first time getting pierced, and the pain will be lesser when you have your ear pierced by a professional.

When you are finished you can glance at one of the most interesting to watch piercings. Check out the ideas below.

Get Inspired

We are so excited to show you the ideas of different orbital piercings we picked for you. And we hope that we will inspire you to get one.

No 26 is our favorite one. Do you like it? Tell us in the comments. ^_^


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