Rook Piercing 101 Guide + 43 Ideas

If you are a person who loves a different kind of a piercing, you are in the right place. And rook piercing is the answer to the question.

It’s a type of ear piercing that those who know it will get it immediately, and those who don’t know it are asking questions like “Is it possible to get a piercing right here?”.

Rook Piercing (1)And the answer to this question is, yes you can get the piercing right there and it’s called Rook Piercing.

So, here is what you will learn from this guide:

What is Rook Piercing?

Well, rook piercing is a type of piercing that is done on the antihelix part of the ear. It’s mostly done by people that want a different kind of piercing, not the usual ones.

spiral rook piercingAnd the piercers love people that want to get rook pierced. It gives them the sense that the person who gets this kind of a pierce is slightly different from the people that are getting pierced.

Where the name originates from?

The name “rook piercing” has some interesting facts about it. The person who is responsible for creating it and popularizing it is called Erik Dakota.

And the name comes from his shortened version of his first name. So how cool is that? The person who popularized the piercing started calling it Rook Piercing because he was called like that.

So now you have some kind of an idea of what kind of people get rook pierced.

If you think you are cool enough to get pierced get rook pierced.

Rook Piercing Pain on a scale from 1-10

And of course, the usual question arises. Is it painful? Let’s sort something out every kind of piercing is painful.

Whatever you get you will experience some kind of a pain but believe it or not rook piercing is not that painful.

It is considered as a low painful factor where it does not hurt a lot, but it hurts more than a normal piercing. On a scale from 1-10 the pain is around 4.

The most painful part is when the procedure is done. Most of the people that had cartilage piercing done said that the pain was not that bad, so nothing to fear here.

Check out the video and hear what kind of experience Emma Louise had with her rook piercing.

What is the usual procedure?

The procedure that you will need to go through is the same as any other piercing procedure. You go to the piercing shop, talk to your piercer, choose the jewelry and get pierced.

When you choose the jewelry the piercer will tell you all about the procedure and how much it will hurt. But no worries before you know it the procedure will be done. And the procedure is like any other piercing done.

First, the piercer will clean the area. Making sure you know where the piercing will go next part is making the hole. And when all of this is finished, he/she will tell you all about the aftercare for the piercing.

While the pain is nothing special to freak out about, the most disturbing pain is the throbbing pain that you will have after you had the piercing done. The pain is dull and throbbing pain and it will stick for a couple of days.

And the worst part is that you will feel like this with a “background” pain for quite some time. But if you use good quality piercing aftercare, you will reduce the pain for sure.

What to do before you are rook pierced?

In order to help you out with the pain factor, you can somehow influence the pain that you will experience. Sometimes it helps to get some rest before getting the piercing, and also ensuring that the ear is in good condition can also help out.

Also, consider getting pierced from an expert in the field because the more experience he/she has the lesser the pain.

And of course, having positive mindset will also help you out. If you don’t care about the pain and don’t focus on the pain itself, you won’t experience a lot of pain either. You will be more focused on the jewelry than the pain itself.

So positive mindset, experienced piercer and get some rest before getting the piercing done, and you will feel less pain.

Rook Piercing Aftercare Tips

The aftercare is usually standard for all piercings, and also for this one, the rule is the same. Clean your hands well before you do anything to the piercing.

After your hands are washed, clean the ear and around the area of the piercing with the lotion that your piercer prescribed.

Don’t take any products that are not prescribed by your piercer. Also, keep in mind not to remove the piercing until it is fully healed.

How much time it takes to heal?

The rook piercing healing process usually depends from person to person and also it depends mostly on how you treat the piercing. Try to stay away from hair products and cosmetics.

What kind of jewelry should you use?

Well, the jewelry choice depends from person to person. It depends on what you want. Gold, Silver, something interesting like a triangle (yes they does exist) the choice is yours.

triangle rook piercingThere are two types of jewelry to consider for your rook piercing.

  • Curved barbell

silver curved barbell rook piercing

  • Captive Bead Ring

simple captive bead ring rook piercingThere are different kinds of designs but curved barbell design is more common as it looks more interesting to people. But captive bead rings are cooler looking if you ask us.

Rook Piercing Price – How much it costs?

The price for the jewelry is somewhere between 2$ and 50$ it depends.
The price for getting a rook piercing is from 35$ to 50$ it depends from piercer to piercer.

Be careful when you choose your piercer it’s better to go to someone that’s an established professional.

Before you go, check out the amazing ideas we picked for you. 🙂