Snug Piercing: 101 Guide + 48 Ideas

As half of 2018 is already gone, and you still don’t know what kind of ear piercing to get, we would recommend you to get the snug piercing if you don’t already have a snug piercing of course.

All the trendsetters were going crazy in late 2017 to know which piercing will be trendy in 2018, and they all agreed on the snug.

Table of contents:

What is Snug Piercing?

Snug piercing is a piercing done on the antihelix of the ear to be more precise in the middle of the ear just above the anti-tragus.

male wearing snug piercingIt’s a part of the cartilage piercings and it is a bit painful, but this fact should not scare you at all. It’s a cute piercing to get and one of the trendiest in 2018. We all want to be at the center of attention when we get our piercing of course.

Moreover, knowing what is trendy will sure make many people look at you and say that you are cool.

What is the procedure?

When you are already prepared for the piercing choosing your piercing parlor will be the second thing to do.

Go for an already established parlor and an experienced piercer because getting pierced by someone with experience will be less painful and keep in mind that this piercing is very difficult to get, not everyone knows how to perform the piercing.

So look for someone that already has this kind of piercing or any other piercing done, probably they will recommend you someone with experience, and you won’t have any issue with your new piercing.

When you enter the piercing parlor the first thing the piercer will do is walk you through the whole process of the piercing. Then the piercer will put on gloves, sterilize the place of the piercing and mark it with a marker, both the outside of the ear and the inside.

Grabbing a needle, he/she will perform the whole process that usually takes around 5-10 seconds, and an experienced piercer will talk you through the process while they are making the hole.

What is the pain scale?

It doesn’t hurt at all if the piercer is with experience. However, to be honest, you will feel some pain, of course, it is a piercing, and this part of the ear has thick cartilage.

On the pain scale from 1-10, the snug piercing pain is around 6.5 or 7 maybe.

Some people forget about the piercing, and the experience of the piercer is so great that they won’t even feel any pain, but to be honest, the pain is a little bigger than your average piercing done.

Aftercare Tips

When the procedure is done, the piercer will tell you how to take care of the snug piercing and what to avoid.

Usually, they tell you to buy certain things that an established piercing parlor has and is selling them, or if they don’t have it, they will tell you where to find them. Also, of course, one of the most important factors to remember is always to be clean and to clean the ear 2-3 times per day.

To clean your ear, a good practice is to use saline solution which is a ¼ teaspoon of sea salt and to put it in one cup of hot water. One cup is around 8 oz or 250 ml. Stir it until the sea salt is dissolved.

After the salt has dissolved use a cotton ball and soak it in the saline solution, then by using the cotton ball, clean the front of the piercing and the back of it.

Be very careful when you are rubbing the place so that you won’t feel any pain.

A common practice to follow is to be very careful when you are showering so that no shampoo enters the ear because you might infect that place. If you have long hair, wash it carefully with your shampoo and be very careful so that you don’t damage the piercing or your ear.

Also, don’t swim in a pool or if you are going on a vacation, you should avoid the sea because you might catch some bacteria that would infect the place.

Moreover, remember not to touch the area around the piercing or the piercing itself.

If you do have to clean it, make sure you are using clean hands and a fresh towel for your hands. Always use antibacterial soap when you are cleaning your hands to touch your piercing.

Moreover, if you need to dry the area around the piercing use a fresh towel so that you don’t get any germs or bacteria.

The risks that this piercing has and any other is having an infection, which is very bad and you can catch it if you are not following the rules that were given by your piercer.

If you do catch an infection and if it is not looking good, please consult your doctor, because maybe you will have to take some pills.

How much time does it take to heal?

The healing process of snug piercing is a bit longer than your average piercing, somewhere around 6-12 months. Yes, that means nearly a year will pass so that your piercing will be fully healed. However, don’t worry it is worth it!

It won’t be a problem for you if you feel prepared and if you want this piercing.

How much it costs?

The price of getting a snug piercing is around $50. With the jewelry included of course.

Also, remember when you are choosing the jewelry make sure you love it because it will be a long time before you can switch to another one.

So remember some parlors will ask for more than $50 and it depends on if they are an established parlor, the location and how much experience the piercer will have so sometimes it’s better to pay more if the piercer has experience in the piercing industry.

Final Words

The next time you want to have a new piercing look no more than the snug piercing.

It’s 2018, and the trend is to have a snug piercing done right now. Even if it’s in the middle of the year, the summer has just begun and having this cool looking piercing will make sure everyone in the beach bar asking about your piercing.

Check out the ideas we picked for you, and tell us in the comments do you like them. 🙂