Tragus Piercing 101 Guide + 39 Ideas

You might have wondered what one of the coolest places to get pierced is. The answer is the tragus. It is considered to be one of the least painful and most cool looking ear piercings out there.

What is tragus piercing?

The tragus piercing is done right above your earlobe, the hard, but an easily bendable portion of cartilage that usually holds your headphones. Professional piercers say that this piercing is easily performed because people have no issue regarding pain.

It is one of the most painless parts to get a piercing. But, it still depends on the thinness of your tragus. If it is very thin, you won’t even feel the needle going through. On a scale from 1 to 10 the tragus piercing pain is around 4 to 4,5.

Does tragus piercing cure migraines?

There is a debate that if you pierce your tragus you will have some health benefits.

To be more precise, it will lessen the intensity of your headaches and it will relieve your migraine. The same example goes for the daith piercing.

There is no scientifically proven thesis that it helps, but many people have had minor issues when they pierced the tragus part of the ear.

The whole procedure explained

First, you need to find your piercing parlor. There are people that do their piercings alone at home, but going to a professional is safer.

Finding one in this digital age is no problem since all you need to do is Google piercing parlors and you will find your one in no problem.

But to be honest, the best way to find one is still word of mouth. Ask some of your friends, cousins or anyone else who has been pierced already to recommend you a reputable salon in your area.

When you enter the parlor the first thing that the piercer will do is walk you through the whole process so that there won’t be any misunderstanding.

When you feel that you are ready to get the piercing first the piercer should wash the hands and put new gloves.

Usually, some piercers change gloves if the patient bleeds more than usual, but the bleeding part should not scare you at all. The next thing that comes is sterilizing the ear and marking the part where you will get pierced.

After you have seen the place in the mirror where you will get pierced the piercing part is usually around 5-10 seconds. Yes seconds, everything will be done in a couple of seconds.

Typically, the whole procedure is around 1-2 minutes because the piercer will put your chosen jewelry and clean the ear around from blood, but nothing to worry the pain factor for this piercing is very low.

After the piercing is done, the piercer will instruct you with aftercare tips on how to take care of your new piercing. Listen carefully to every suggestion the piercer will give you as that will help you a lot in the long run.

How to take care of the tragus piercing?

After we talked with many piercing professionals we curated the best aftercare tips that you should follow.

Don’t touch or play with your tragus. If you have to touch it when cleaning, which is only two times a day, rub it with clean hands. To clean your hands thoroughly, wash them with antibacterial soap.

Clean your ear two times per day in the morning and the evening with the given product. Usually, the piercer will recommend you to clean your ear with a sea salt solution, which you can DIY it at home.

Here is the recipe of the saline solution.

Ingredients needed:

  1. Quarter teaspoon of natural sea salt;
  2. One cup of distilled water.


Mix the sea salt and the distilled water in a cup. Be aware that the cup must be made of ceramics or glass. After you have mixed them together, shake the mixture and put the cup in the microwave for 1-2 seconds. The water should be lukewarm or body temperature.

How to clean it? 

The best way to clean your tragus piercing is to soak your ear in the cup filled with the saline solution.

When the water is ready, put the cup on the table, sit on the chair and soak your ear in the cup for 7-15 minutes. You should do that two times per day, in the morning and the evening.

It is not recommended to use cotton swabs at all! But, if you are still using them, then, be careful not to trap any cotton around your piercing, because it will irritate it.

When you are taking a shower, be very careful! So, that your ear has no connection with the shampoo that you are using.

Are there any risks?

Of course, getting your tragus pierced can be risky. If you have some health problems like diabetes, it’s better not to take this piercing because the time it takes for the place to heal might be a bit longer than usual.

Before doing anything you must consult with your piercer about your health problems if you have some and he/she will know best. And that’s another reason why you will need to go to a reputable piercer for your new piercing.

In this video The Minimalist Ninja explains about the benefits and downsides of having a tragus piercing.

How long does it take the tragus piercing to heal?

The healing time of the tragus piercing is somewhere around 6 months to a year, which is the average time.

It depends on the way you take care of and the healthiness of your body.

If you don’t take care properly you might catch a nasty infection, and the infection will prolong the healing time.

But, how do you recognize that your tragus is infected? Here are the most common signs:

  • redness
  • swelling
  • yellow discharge
  • pain
  • fever

If your body is giving you some of these signs, then we recommend visiting a doctor. If the infection is serious, the doctor might prescribe antibiotics.

When can you change it?

If you want to change the jewelry you picked for your tragus, then you must wait until it’s fully healed. If you change it too soon you may catch an infection which will extend the healing time.

Which jewelry designs look great?

Before getting the piercing, you should look for some jewelry that will look great on the tragus.

Some designs look better than others, and also there are some people that like, for instance, captive bead rings more than a barbell.

Here are the typical designs: 

1. Barbell design

barbell tragus piercingIt is a metal piece with balls on each end and it has a minimalist design. It looks so cool. ?

2. Captive bead ring

captive bead rings tragusThe captive bead ring is the most common type of piercing that people get on the tragus. It’s an elegant ring that girls love to get because it looks adorable. It looks like a ring design, and there are amazing styles that you can find on the internet and usually in the piercing parlor.

3. Labret Stud

labret stud tragusIt looks like the barbell, but the difference is that the one end is a flat disk and the other is usually a beautiful jewel. It seems very nice if you want something more hidden with a beautiful design.

But, the double tragus piercing is the newest 2019 trend. Check it out. 🙂

Double Tragus Piercing Trend

How much does it cost?

So now that you are ready to get your tragus pierced you will ask the usual question, how much does it cost.

The tragus piercing price usually is around $25 to $50. The price depends on the quality of the piercer, the location of the parlor and the jewelry that you will buy.

Sometimes it’s better to pay extra money if the piercer is more experienced because you won’t have any problems with him/her and the experience that you will have will be better.

Wrapping it Up

Some people get tragus piercing because it looks cool, others because they have heard that it helps with migraine and even anxiety.

Either way having your tragus pierced will be one of the most pleasant experiences you will have on your cartilage. And this cute looking piercing will surely make people want to get their ear pierced because of you.